A gift that means a lot! The meaning of gratitude…

Everyone that knows me understands how much I enjoy shoes.  But this isn’t all about shoes but the meaning behind it.  Trust me, I will explain.

One year ago we booked the wedding of Clarisse and Ryan.  And of course we had them come to have a tasting along with Clarisse’s parents, Marilee and John.

As soon they left our show room in Gaithersburg I received a text message from Merilee Clarisse’s Mom thanking me and letting me know that she had tears in her eyes after she left because she knew that her daughter’s wedding was going to be beautiful.

Since then we have been discussing the wedding details many times over the phone and also in person.   Three weeks ago Merilee sent me a text asking what size shoe I wear.  I thought it was odd but did get back to her saying that I wear size 5 … and she responded OMG (such small feet).  So this week we had to meet again at the Strong Mansion venue at Sugar Loaf Mountain to discuss the final details … and guess what???

Merilee came out of her car with this beautiful box wrapped in silver polka dot paper wrap  that I love and when I opened it … I found a pair of gorgeous purple high-heel shoes exactly like my favorites. Soooo sweet!

The feeling I had wasn’t of happiness for having another pair of shoes, but the feeling that I must been doing something right to receive this. I enjoy what I do everyday so much … and for that I feel blessed.  I am so thankful to be  part of people’s dreams and to help them enjoy their moment stress-free.

I always say that we don’t have to be the biggest caterer in Washington, DC, but we do need to be the best one.  When i founded Superb Cuisines my goals were to create a company with a heart, with passion for food, commitment, friendly and professional service, all coming together where every event is Superb.  Where every client is our first priority and we always keep our promises.  If we can do these things, we will have accomplished our goals.

I hope that I did not bore you with my story,  but this gift meant a lot to me.  It means that we are doing things the right way …

The gift of gratitude

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