Executive Staff

When you contact the staff at Superb Cuisines, you can be assured that you will be connected to an account representative, fully knowledgeable of all event and catering details. They are dedicated to making every event Superb!

As part of our full service approach, account executives are glad to recommend distinctive venues, coordinate with the area’s leading florists, suggest appropriate wines, and select beautiful linens for your event. With the support of a seasoned kitchen staff and professional administrative staff, the Superb Cuisines Team will handle every detail of your event with meticulous style, grace, and efficiency.

To reach any of our executive staff, you can email us at or call us at 202-587-5778.

Keula Binelly
Founder and CEO

Our founder, Keula Binelly originally opened her first restaurant in 2002. A native of Brazil, she credits her success to her eye for design, creativity, love for food, hard work, and passion for people and life. She has successfully operated businesses in the fashion and beauty industries, but food is her passion and founding Superb Cuisines was her dream come true.

“I’ve been cooking since I was 10 years old. I learned from my Mother, and before long I was making most of our family meals”, said Keula. She has a Bachelors of Administration in Business, from the FMU (Faculdades Metropolitans Unidas) in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Her entrepreneurial spirit and love of cooking brought her to the U.S., where she worked for many of the region’s best caterers. She founded Superb Cuisines in 2006. “I wanted to create a company with a heart – where excellence in food, presentation, and service all came together – where every customer was our #1 priority – where every event was Superb!” she said.

In the beginning, she did just about everything herself – booking events, event planning, menu selection and preparation, table setup – everything. “What’s the term – chief cook and bottle washer?” Keula said, “that was me!”. Four short years later – things sure have changed. “We do events for the Washington Wizards, U.S. Capitol, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Organization of American States (OAS), many of Washington DC’s largest corporations, and of course every wedding we do today is our highest profile customer!” said Keula. When asked where Superb Cuisines get most of their new customers, she said “that’s easy – referrals and word of mouth – just look at our list of testimonials“.

Keula has assembled a talented Executive Staff that shares her passion for great food, presentation, and customer service. “We have an amazing team” she said. “and we just keep getting better and better!”.

Moses Hart
Executive Chef

Moses Hart, our executive chef, discovered his passion for food when he was a young man and that commitment to excellence and love of food has continued throughout his career. Moses began working in restaurants when he was in high school. “At my first job, I worked as a busboy, a teenager with a part-time job. Then one day the chef of the restaurant brought me into his kitchen and created for me a meal I will never forget. I experienced the exquisite tastes and creative nature of cooking and I was hooked”. Moses fell in love with cooking and was determined to become a chef. However, his journey was just beginning. Moses knew he needed to understand every aspect of the culinary world. Starting in the Midwest his journey took him to the Pacific Northwest and then the East Coast. There in the East Coast he studied at the L’ Academie de Cuisine Cooking and the Culinary Institute of America, New York. Under the teachings of Francois Dinot and Roland Mesiner, former White House Pastry Chef, Moses developed his own style and flair. This resulted in a continuing conquest of techniques, knowledge and commitment to culinary excellence.

A refined chef, Moses, was the corporate chef for Sodexco and instructor at the L’Academie de Cuisine in French and Southwest styles and techniques.

These skills and talents have leaded him to Superb Cuisine where he utilizes his passion, culinary talent and continues to develop and refine his classical skills and unique ability to stimulate all palates.

Nidia Lahore
Sous Chef

Susan Woodrow
Account Executive

Susan says “I’m a foodie”. She loves to read about, talk about, cook, and of course eat food. She also has a passion for service and hospitality, “there’s nothing better than entertaining for me … whether in my home or for Superb Cuisines”. she says.

Sheilah Leo
Account Executive

Sheilagh-Leo-Superb-Cuisines-Account-Executive “Hospitality” – a friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests. “Organized” – to oversee the coordination of the various aspects of something. “Put these two words together and that is who I am and what I do”, said Sheilah when describing herself. With over 15 years of experience, administrative knowledge, and training she joined the Superb Cuisine team with one goal in mind – “to help make any event a special experience for our clients”, she said.

Sheilah is the key person “behind the scenes”, making sure every detail in addressed – no matter how small – so that when the main event takes place, everything runs smoothly. “We want your guests to feel welcomed and honored to be a part of your special occasion and for you, as the host, to be worry and stress free”, said Sheilah, “Our goal is to make each event the most important one, because for you, it is!”.