Alley Cat Allies Vegan Cocktail Reception

Last week we catered a vegan cocktail reception for Alley Cat Allies.

If  you’ve never heard of them you should check them out. They’re mission is the protection and humane treatment of cats.

I always wanted to better understand why some people chose to be vegetarian.  But, veganism (someone who avoids consuming or utilizing any product that is, or was once, part of an animal or is sourced from an animal) is much more than being a vegetarian. This is a philosophy and a way of life … something much more than a way of deciding what you eat.

For example, animal welfare and environmental issues have long been vital components of veganism and they are reflected in today’s headlines, dominated by the quest to reduce our carbon emissions, both on a personal level and within industries such livestock farming. People are now increasingly looking for a way of life to counteract many of the global issues and problems that face us.

Chef Marcell created a wonderful menu that was enjoyed and raved by all the guests and received many compliments.

See a few pics below

Tabbouleh with guacamole in a mini tortilla wrap

Tofu & Vegetable Kebabs (Tofu and vegetables skewered coated in a spicy oil and lemon juice marinade )

Dolmades (Vine leaves stuffed with spiced brown rice, nuts and fruits )

Sweet and Sour Vegetables noodles

Pea and Potato Baked Samosas

Herb and Sundried Tomato Crisp Polenta Served with fried tomatoes

Left to right(Beensprout and Cucumber parcels Spring Rolls Rice paper rolls, Falafel Served with Chili Sauce filled with crunchy raw summer vegetables and fresh mint and coriander are light and refreshing),

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