Baby Shower Catering Reception

Girl or Boy They’ll Bring Much Joy!

I gave you a splash of pink baby shower inspiration over the Summer … but now, this is for you when you’re expecting a boy! How exciting! To be perfectly honest, when you are pregnant you don’t care whether you’re having a girl or a boy, all we know is that it will be the most beautiful baby ever! :-D

I remember when I found out that I was pregnant, I was hoping to be expecting a baby girl but when the doctor told me it was a baby boy I did not care at all…the only thing I cared about was that my son was healthy and a perfect baby, and I have been thankful every single moment since his birth … I’m the Mom of a wonderful son that is the sunshine of my life. Just enjoy every moment because time flies and before you know it, your baby isn’t a baby anymore. I can’t believe it  has already been 12 years since I had my son Kaliel, and now he is a big boy….

Bright Rainbow Themed Baby Shower

I have a serious love of personalised bottle labels – particularly when they fit in with the colour schemes of the rest of the party! Plus the vintage tins are fantastic! Not only do they make great displays for the cupcakes but they would look cool on a shelf in the baby’s nursery or just stacked in the kitchen :-)

Who doesn’t love a gumball machine? Plus the colors are fun and its great for any kids around. The little ribbon badges are super cute and the chocolate coins scattered around the table are just begging to be eaten!

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