Brazil vs USA at FedEx Field

Brazil is well known as the country of Carnival, Samba, and Soccer (our Futebol) … and talking about soccer, Brazil did an awesome job playing against the USA at FedEx Field this past Wednesday. I was invited by Tim Kerin with Falcon Crest to watch the game at Daniel Snyder’s Suite and got to meet many of the Redskins inner circle, including Bruce Allen, Larry Michael, and Robert Griffin III (everyone calls him RGIII), Brian Orakpo #98 Linebacker

It was amazing seeing all the Brazilian soccer fans taking over FedEx Field – more than 67,619 in attendance and I think half were Brazilian. It was a fun night!

Brian Orakpo #98 Linebacker and Keula Binelly

Left to right Joann Best, Keula Binelly and Simone Picolatti

Bruce Allen the Redskins General Manager and Keula Binelly

Keula Binelly and Tim Kerin

RGIII new quarterback and second pick in the NFL draft and Keula Binelly

Larry Michael Voice of the Redskins Radio and Keula Binelly

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