Client Testimonials


Thank you for the prompt reply and the AWESOME food. ~ Jeanette Will/| National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Hello Keula,

Thank you, and your team, for your work over the past month or so on our three orientation programs. It’s a pleasure to work with you, all through the process – from planning, to contracting and paying, to the final event. Most importantly, our attendees loved the food. Thanks, also, for your work on the extras, like making sure the presentation was attractive and the rooms were decorated. I hope to work with you again soon, ~Bradford E. Miller-Program Planning Specialist | National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Hi Keula,

Thank you for a great catering experience with the New CEO Orientation. I think it went very well and the food was well-liked by the attendees. You and your staff were great to work with.

I look forward to seeing you again with the New CFO and New Director Orientations! ~Bradford E. Miller-Program Planning Specialist | National Rural Electric Cooperative Associationd


LOVED running into you as I told Jan immediately after I saw you that you are one talented lady!!!!  You do it all and with such a beautiful smile! I will keep you in mind for sure of any upcoming brokers opens events or just social events that we do in our business as I would love to give you any business I can.  You do a great job in the catering field.  Loved the presentation. ~ Susan


Thank you so much!  It was really wonderful.  We had lots of good feedback.  My only negative, which we should have discussed before, was the wine selection.  I feel like our clientele probably would have rather had a nicer wine, and we should have adjusted that in the contract.  But otherwise, the food was amazing, the setup was great, you are so awesome.  We were VERY happy! Thanks, ~Helen Krause, VP of Marketing-New World Title & Scrow


It was a pleasure to meet you before I headed out this afternoon at New World Title! Bravo on such a wonderful job for the event and thank you for your service of you and your team!

Beautifully displayed and expertly managed!  As one that is attends many catered events a week it’s very noticeable which ones are ran well and others that are run not so well!

It is of course very much appreciated by the host of the event.  Ms. Grace Swersey mentioned that you were a godsend handling all the setup etc!

I will definitely keep you in mind for folks and companies needed your services!  Cheers ~Ru

Keula –  Please pardon the delay.  It was a hectic week.
I wanted to thank you again for the “SUPERB” event that you catered for my business, Brightview West End Retirement Community, at the VisArts Center in Rockville, MD.
Everyone raved about the food, the service, and especially the presentation….Bar none.  You made both myself and my organization shine!!!
Equally as important, as the hostess, I could focus wholly on engaging with my guests without a single concern regarding the quality of everything at my event. You handled it all impeccably with great aplomb and your  inimitable style.
Thank you my dear and I look forward to our next soirée a la Keula . ~Tina Aulakh, ALFA Executive Director Brightview West End

Thanks to you our Awards Banquet was a wonderful capstone to the astronomy conference this last week.  I received many compliments that the dinner was a high-class affair and not a few of them remarked it was the best banquet they’d ever attended.

You and your staff worked very hard behind the scenes to make it that way, both before and during that evening.  But all we saw was how smooth, professional and courteous it looked from our perspective of enjoying delicious snacks and main courses, yummy desserts, the snazzy table set ups, classy bar service — just an overall first-rate dinner.

Notably, the level of confidence you communicated to me as we planned the event, right up to the evening of the banquet, was crucial and allowed me to focus on other aspects of the conference.  It was clear our evening was in good hands and it made an enormous difference to us that we could depend on you.  Your professionalism, assurance of perfection from your end, flexibility in planning (even up to adding table service for late-comers), and graciousness throughout the process was great.  I knew we could leave everything to you and be more than satisfied with the results!

We had a couple strokes of good fortune in bringing off ALCon16.  Not the least was having SuperbCuisines recommended to us and choosing you to cater our Awards Banquet.  Thanks to you, it was truly a wonderful evening!

Sincere thanks from us all!

Warm Regards, ~Rob McKinney ALCon16 Co-Chair

Good morning Keula,
Your staff did an outstanding job yesterday and the party was a great success!
My girlfriend’s son is getting married 6/11/2017 at Newton White Mansion and she is interested in speaking with you regarding full service catering. Her name is Charmaine Wynter and she will contact.
Thanks again for everything! ~Dr. Clark

Hi Keula,

Thank you for always making our events a big hit! ~Peggy Matias, Lincoln Property Company

Hi Keula,

You did such a wonderful job last night.  The food was fantastic and your displays were beautiful.I could not be happier with the outcome and you and your staff helped put our first Red Carpet Event on the map.  Looking forward to seeing your soon and working with you again in September.

We talked about bringing you back into the family of Team Network. :-)  I was happy to hear you say that you wanted to do that. Let’s Talk Soon and Thanks Again,P.S. You will see I posted lots of great pics on FB. ~Curt Kowalski – Team Network

HI Keula

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. As to my thoughts on the catering for the event last week it was in one word….awesome!

The servers were excellent, Carmen and Anna Luisa were just a pleasure to work with, they were on top of everything. They were so polite and professional and no task was too much for them.

The food was excellent, the choices were great and the display was just beautiful, with the lovely candles and flowers throughout. The clean-up and set up was flawless.

Of course Keula you were also a pleasure to work with and you ensured my every need was met.

I have not received one complaint from anyone only many compliments.

I look forward to working with you and your team again on our next event.

Until then my thanks and Happy Memorial Day, ~Dee Ucci, Cardno Emerging Markets


Thank you so much for a beautiful party everything was really beautiful from the flowers to the set up to all of the food. I will try to get you some kind of a tip over to your place sometime this week I’m just really really crazy with everything going on thanks. ~Cameron Robinson


We had many questions asking who was this great caterer that we used! The servers were super nice but I did have to ask to pick up trash while they were standing around during the event (just noting to you for future reference).Was a great event and thanks for all you do! ~Jeffrey Stempler/HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

Hi Keula,

EVERYTHING went perfectly!  My husband, and I believe, all of our guests had a wonderful time.  The food was excellent and Carmen and Reina were professional, efficient, pleasant, helpful, and accommodating.  My husband and our guests commented on how good the food was and on the service your staff provided; and, I had a ball playing the “hostess with everything under control.”  THANK YOU! ~Linda Heath

Good morning Keula,

Everything was perfect! You and your staff did an outstanding job as always.  Everyone said the food was great and we didn’t have much left over. You and your team is in a CLASS by yourselves.  I look forward to the next time. Have a great day!~ Samantha Austin-HHS

Keula everyone loved the food, and many commented on the tent, tables, flowers, etc.  All in all I thought it was a great event.  The drinks ended up being self-serve, whether intentional or not.  It was perfectly fine.  I thought the servers were pouring drinks last time.  But a great event.  Thanks! ~Matthew D. Alegi/ Shulman Rogers Gandal, Pordy & Ecker P.A.

Hi Keula,
Thank you SO much for the wonderful reception last night.  You and your team were flawless.  I certainly know why all of the ladies at NRECA go to you for receptions.
Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Harbrecht

I apologize for letting work and circumstances this week allow time to get away from me. I want to take this time to say thank you on behalf of the Northern Virginia Section of the National Council of Negro Women (NoVA NCNW) and the communities we serve for your hard work and patience in preparing such a great brunch meal for our 40th Anniversary Jazz Brunch. You and your team are worth you weight in gold!  All the guests continued to rave about having a great time at the event, and that was primarily due to the delicious meal prepared by Catering by Keula Binelly.
Our guests don’t always know the behind the scene heartaches that arise before and during an event but without a doubt, the great meal helped us tremendously.
As a businesswomen you went above and behind, a consummate professional in all aspects for the good of the cause. Your implemented our vision and put us first.  I’m so glad on you stuck with us and you will always have our vote.
Til we meet again…,
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! & Blessings of Significance and Endless Success ~Sana Pretlow
NoVA NCNW, Historian Soldier for Life

The lunch was fantastic, everyone enjoyed it, lots of food left for dinner. Thank you Keula you are still the best on the East coast. I will be contacting you soon.~Peggy A. Proctor/Concierge,Lincoln Property Company

Hi Keula,

Thank you for all of your hard work to help make our New CEO Orientation great. ~Brad Miller ~
Program Planning Specialist, Education & Training National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Hi Keula,

Last night was fantastic – thank you so much for your service to us. Everything was beautifully set up!
Best, ~Natalie Parker

Hi Keula,

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful Jennifer and Carmen were on Sunday. They were both really sweet and helpful, and did a fabulous job serving the guests and cleaning up. We all enjoyed the food as well. Thank you!! Happy Holidays! ~Amber Colatosti


You and your staff made this evenings “Event”  wonderful.  Thank you so much!!! ~Kathy

Thank you Keula Binelly! You and your team were truly phenomenal! Your staff even chased off the interlopers… — with Superb Cuisines at TWILIGHT POLO Opening Night featuring live music by SHARK WEEK. ~ Christi Parker


Sorry for the delay on saying thank you for all the wonderful job you did.   The lunch was amazingly good, food and décor plus the server were excellent too.  I want to thank you again and again because our people enjoyed it  very, very much. ~ Sandra Walser- Lincoln Property Company

Good Morning Keula!!!

Just wanted to reach out this morning and thank you all for your help yesterday. You made the “ Event” a success and I THANK YOU!!!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and appreciate you so much!!!!!

P.S.  I am forwarding the email they sent us that tells you how much the guest appreciated the “Event”. ~ Kathy Ganes -Asbury Methodist Village

Aww Keula you always do such a beautiful job – thank you sooooooooooo much – and the lovely bunny napkins and all the flowers – how sweet of you.You are the best – ANYONE asks for recommendations I will be sending them straight to YOU:-)
Happy Easter! Cheers ~ Dee Ucci Administrative Manager Cardno Emerging Markets

Hello Keula,

My future mother-n-law attended a wedding/reception that was catered by your company. Needless to say she was VERY impressed & INSISTED that we reach out to you. At your earliest convenience, my fiance and I would love to discuss the possibility of using your services for our wedding next fall.  Looking forward to your prompt response. ~Athena

Dear Keula,
Thank you so much for the fabulous tasting this lunchtime.  I greatly appreciate your time and effort. We all enjoyed the food and Tom said he it was the best presentation for a tasting he had ever seen.Please let me know your availability.  All the very best,  ~Deborah Jalota,Lincoln Property Company

Keula, so very sorry that I am just getting back to you. Everyone enjoyed the food and thank you for making it look so pretty!  Your staff did a wonderful job and had everything cleaned up afterward.  I want to send each of them a check/tip.  Could you send me their names and if you want I can send them to you or mail them directly to each of them.
Thanks again, ~ Bev

Dear Keula, It was great to finally meet you at the event! I just want to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the food. There were so many complements for the set-up, the taste and more! I hope that translates to more business in the future for you. One thing I am sure is that we will come knocking again when we have events.Thank you so much for your service and diligence. Please pass our gratitude to your staff as well.

Sincerely, ~ Daniel Karanja, Ph.D.Executive Director Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Keula, I want to thank you for the delicious food at my wedding- it got lots of compliments and was amazing! And I want to tell you that you are such an inspirational woman! Just seeing all your entrepreneurship and passion for so many things is so empowering!  I really admire everything you do, and thank you for making my catering process so easy:) ~ Janie Provoncha

Thank you for your amazing catering and friendship! Everyone just loved it!! We all had such a magical evening!!! ~Francisca Alonso-AV Architects

Keula, your catering was amazing.  Everyone at the MNC In and Out Luncheon loved you. Thank you so much for catering our event and staying within our budget. ~ Carol Kaminsky

Hi Keula,

You and your helper did a fabulous job setting up and then cleaning up for our luncheon.  The food was terrific and I look forward to sharing it with my husband tonight. Have a great summer. Best, ~Carla Selfman

Hi Keula,

Thank you very much for your service on Saturday. Everything was great. The main course was a little cold but that was more than made up for by the brilliant service that your staff provided to my guests so I think it was ok. Thanks again for everything and all the best, ~Edith Jibunoh

Hi Keula!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you too!!!  I had a great weekend and hope you did too.The reception was a SUCCESS.  Everyone was talking about the food and presentation was great.  Kudos!!!!  Keep doing what you do.  Hopefully, you will get some calls because people did ask for your number. Until next time, take care. ~Sam-HHC/OGC

Thank you, Keula, for everything you did for us on Saturday. I hope it went smoothly for you in spite of the gush of wind making havoc with the buffet tables. You and your employees really helped to make that night special for all.  We heard a lot of nice compliments on the food and it’s presentation.
Thank you again, ~Bonnie Kraut

Thank you for helping to make our wedding so wonderful! We received nothing but compliments on the food, the staff, everything. It really was the perfect wedding day we were hoping for. ~Lauren Travis

Hi keula,
Wanted to let you know we had a great time on Friday and everything was delicious! I wish I had more time to eat:) Enjoy the chalkboards! ~Christina Durm

Hi Keula!

Thank you!  It was such a fantastically fun day!  We both loved everything you did.  The appetizers I had werre amazing, especially the fondue! Sadly, I missed out on the taco bar; I should’ve had someone fetch me a plate. Erik liked the tacos a lot. Everyone has been raving about the soup! I put up a review on Yelp; I hope its helpful. Feel free to quote me, and if you need a reference for future clients don’t hesitate to send people our way.
Thank you for everything, Keula! ~Erin Briggs


I wanted to send you a huge thank you from BalletNova for your amazing food on Friday night.  We had a lot of people commenting to us how much they enjoyed it and how delicious everything was.  It really elevated our event and made it something very special.  I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again for your hard work and fabulous food!  ~ Jennifer J. Walcott


Thanks for a great food and spectacular service. We are forever grateful!! ~ Cynthia Guifarro


I had planned to email you on Monday and this week has been just crazy.  Everything went terrific!!  Your team was amazing as always.  Everything looked beautiful when I arrived.  I gave the 2 bartenders a nice gratuity and also gave Peggy an envelope to split with the other team members as well. ~ Karen Ballard-Human Resource Manager  Reston Limousine

Amazing job done by Superb Cuisines! Thank you so much for making our special day awesome!! ~ Mona Cumberland

Superb Cuisines did a fantastic job at our General’s Club party at The Winery at Bull Run. Nothing but rave reviews! ~ Eddie Fam- Marketing & Event Director-The Winery at Bull Run

Thank you for  the superb catering and presentation. Superb Cuisines is the best in DC Metro!!! Thank you Travelling Bean for amazing drinks and Barista bar!!!! Thank you all!!! Tony and I had a dream afternoon presenting our first 360 Home by AV Architects. ~ Francisca Alonso-AV architects

Hi Keula,
Haidas brunch was soooo delicious and nice. My very picky father said it was the best omelet he has ever had! Sorry I missed you this AM I know Tandis loved working with you. Thanks for treating them so well. ~Jenny

Good Morning Keula,
I just wanted to say thank you for providing such amazing service and attention to all the little details!  I just received some pictures of the morning set up and we are all so impressed!
We will absolutely use you again in the Tysons Corner market!  I knew from the moment I saw your professional and detailed proposal that I made the right choice with your company.
Have a lovely weekend and thanks again! ~Lisa Gonzales-USAA


Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. You and your staff were phenomenal and made our and our guests experience perfect. We got so many compliments on the food and your staff. We can’t say thank you enough! Let us know if there is anything we need to do to wrap things up. A big hug from Hawaii!! Thank you again!!!
Best, ~Nina and Jason

Thank you and your awesome staff for catering the party at my home last weekend.  It was an important event for me given my father’s recent health concerns.  When he received a clean bill of health it was imperative that we celebrate that in a big way. As you know, I have almost 20 years of experience with Hilton Hotels who are renowned for top notch Food and Beverage services.  Given that training, my expectations were very high.  When we met to plan the event, I felt very confident that you would do a great job.  Then came the actual execution of what was discussed and promised.  You blew me and my guests away.  The food was wonderful on all levels including appearance, how it smelled and certainly how it tasted.  The manner in which everything was presented was outstanding….bar none.  Your staff was courteous, friendly and thoroughly professional at all times.  I especially admired how you interacted with them in order to get the job done right.  You were always respectful with them and treated them with the utmost dignity as opposed to the help.  I despise this sort of treatment of another.  This may be the very reason that they want to give you their best at all times. All in all, I do not have a single negative thing to say about my experience with Superb Cuisine rather glowing accolades only. Looking forward to working with you again. Thank you for everything! ~Tina Aulakh

My private business dinner at a local winery was a huge success in part by Keula & her staff’s exceptional attention to detail & amazing customer service. The food was delicious & presentation was absolutely perfect! Keula is very detailed oriented, which as a meeting planner, I GREATLY appreciate. I look forward to working with Superb Cuisines again on many future work (& personal!) events! Keula & her staff made my life much easier! Two thumbs up!  =) ~ Jenny Wintermute -Nacha

Keula, The breakfast and lunch were amazing. Your team was amazing. I heard only good feedback. I give myself credit for taking Charla’s referrals.

Queen Vo~ Pricewaterhousecoopers

Hi Keula,Everything was fantastic on Saturday! The team and Joe did a great job! They went above and beyond and made the entire party a success and everyone loved the food! I will definitely be calling you again for another event when the time comes. Please tell everyone thank you again for the wonderful job.Thanks!~Cynthia/Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Keula,Thanks for everything on New years eve.Food was great and the guests were very happy.Thanks again and hope to use your services sometime in the future again. ~Stefán Gudjohnsen/GlobeScope Inc.

Hi Keula, plus staff who served yesterday,What a marvelous party and display of your teams skills.  The food was wonderful, the service superb and the setting amazing.  I admired your use of color and integration of various design elements to give your events piazza.Thank you for the  marvelous party.~Dick Wardian

Thank you for everything Keula!  Robin said you saved the day raising the tables to counter height (and so on!)~ Diane/mPRessions


Thank you for taking care of our catering.  Your team was great, very helpful and the food was amazing.

Warmest Regards, ~Karen Ballard-Reston Limousine

You and your team did a great job today. Thank you!
Chef G. Garvin~Celebrity chef, cook book author, and television host on the TV network with, Turn Up The Heat with G. Garvin

The Colonial Day went just great, Susan was perfect, a great representative of your company and you should tell her I said so.The teachers and children all loved the food.  They especially loved the fact that they got warm food as opposed to the typical lunch of this type.  Presentation was great in the mugs…the big beautiful red apples were a real hit.
Chef Moses called me to check up afterwards…it was much appreciated…he is a very sweet and professional chef…please tell him I said so :).
THANK YOU!  I missed having you there of course, just cause I love you, but I totally understand you had bigger impact  and need somewhere else.
Lauirie Schaefer~Churchill Road Elementary-McLean VA

“Hi, I attended the reception at Global Showroom for Fanelli event last night and the pumpkin creme brulee were a hit! Can I purchase a tray for 50 people for November 4 – can pick it up in the morning? If so, what is price? ~Sheryl

OMG, I miss you!! What an amazing job your team did last night at the Mad Hatter Party. I especially loved the pasta table you did (it made JK look great). Your new guy did a fantastic job, what a nice guy! ~Laura Ware

Keula,I wanted to let you know I attended the Networking Event at Fanelli McClain which you catered. I wanted to compliment you not only on the delicious food (the Pasta Bar sponsored by JK Moving Services was out of this world!) but your Staff was courteous and did an outstanding job serving food professionally without interrupting people’s flow of conversations – very much appreciated. Lastly, the theme and decorations were clever and a conversation piece the entire evening. Oh, must I not forget the dessert table – yum!! Great event, and we all know what makes an event memorable is the food and the people – both were exceptional at this event… Kudos! ~Susan

Thanks Keula! You guys did a spectacular job… Many asked about your service and I put in a good word but you didn’t need me since the food and service spoke for themselves. ~Nghi-NuWave Solutions

“Keula came through for my party!

I had an open house for 50 people on the same weekend that she had a wedding for 150. We made the plans in a couple of phone calls. She was easy to work with — both listening to my ideas and guiding me when she had suggestions. We worked hand in glove. I wondered whether all the details would be communicated to the staff handling the event. Yes, they were properly briefed and everything went as planned. Thank you, Keula! ~ Beth Barnett

Hired Keula as a Caterer in July 2012

Superb Cuisines was amazing in helping the first ever No Worries Now DC Prom a success. As this event was geared toward teens with chronic and life threatening illnesses many accommodations had to be made for restricted diets. Superb Cuisines made sure that all concerns were addressed. It was so easy to work with Keula. Everytime I called her with a concern she reassured me that it was no problem and that it would be perfect. She was right! The food was delicious and the presentation absolutely stunning. I recommend Superb Cuisines to anyone looking for an easy to work with, fantastic caterer.  -Sara Sanders

Keula has an amazing staff and an ability to bestow confidence with the bride in the preformance of her team. The food is sooooooo amazing and the taste was consistent with the original tasting! the food displays were amazing, staff worked through scorching heat with many smiles….the guests were so appreciative….they didn’t stop commenting on how wonderful it all was! The bride said it was like a fairytale which as the mother of the bride…a dream come true!  Merilee Paran

Dear Keula,

I don’t know where to begin to thank you for the excellence of your services at Jon’s and my wedding on Saturday… You and your team did an absolutely AMAZING job and we are so very deeply grateful! The food was truly delicious (my favorite is still the fabulous vegetarian dish!), the decorations were impeccable, and your staff had such a friendly and service-oriented attitude at every step of the afternoon and evening that I literally did not have a single concern in the world. (Considering that I am a professional event planner -albeit not weddings- and a perfectionist, that is a huge testament to the confidence I felt in you!) I will be absolutely sure to recommend you unreservedly to both friends and professional contacts that are planning events in the future, and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to list me. Please give our very best regards to Chef  Moses and Chef Thierry, to Irena and Katie, and to all the rest of the team on our behalf!

Best wishes, Lisa Marie Laegreid

And I second everything that Lisa said.  Great job Keula by you and your team—everyone was very professional, the food was great, and you helped to make it a great experience for us.A number of people came up to tell me how great the food was, so I know it wasn’t just me and Lisa that enjoyed the meal.

Thanks again,-Jon

Keula, It was a pleasure to meet you as well and you clearly have passion for what you do as well as an understanding of using only the best ingredients as evident by the superb tasting we experienced. Your company name is quite appropriate.We look forward to working with you in the future and many thanks to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet the EVOKE team.

Warmest Regards,-Jodi Moraru/EVOKE-DC

Keula, many thanks for a wonderfully planned wedding reception with great food and good service. The wedding cake got particularly good reviews from our guests. Well done, were quite happy. Thanks again!

Kareem Kamal

Keula,thank you for the father’s day wishes…! Regarding the event – It was a huge success…we had perfect weather, great people, great laughter and great memories were made!…Your food and catering truly was superb!…Michael were excellent behind the bar and Katie really took control of orchestrating the flow of the service, the food and the desserts and the cleanup. The servers were timely and kept the appetizers flowing.We look forward to you looking at all of our future events and I expect I will want you to be involved with many of my corporate events as well. Thank you again for reacting so quickly. The touch of class your event brought and brings will be in high demand. I will gladly refer you to anyone who calls and feel free to use my as a strong referral to any and all of your candidates…

regards,- John and Noelle Hildreth

Keula, I was JUST in the middle of an email to you! Please, please forgive me for taking sooooo long to get back to you and tell you what a magnificent time we had at the lovely party you and your staff created for us on Saturday!! The food was absolutely delicious and the presentation – just as wonderful; absolutely lovely! Everyone wanted to know who the caterer was!!  Irena and your entire staff were on top of everything and so nice!!  I hope we didn’t wear them out!! Poor things! We worked them very hard and sent them scurrying with so many requests.Joel and Susan and I could not have been more pleased with the way the event turned out. I can not think of any changes we would have made!!And perhaps best of all, it was great meeting you! Until our next chance to work with you, Thank you, Keula!

Best regards, –Sandra Dee Hoffman

People raved about the food – thanks so much! – Carolyn Connell

Hi Keula, as usual, your catering and décor were a hit last night at our “Picnic in the Park” Event. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and great cuisine that you provided. Everyone loved it, and the Mac & Cheese was definitely a hit like you said it would be :-). Your staff was beyond amazing and I don’t know what we would’ve done without them and your assistance. You’re always a pleasure to work with and exceed my expectations. I am looking forward to our next opportunity to work together which will be our 7 Deadly Sins event in the fall. I will be sure to send you that date as soon as we determine it.  Thanks again for everything and I will be in touch!  Best Regards – Samantha Powell/Fanelli McClain

Hi Keula, I hope you had a great weekend.  First, I would like to thank you for beautiful spread you team created for the farewell party on Thursday.  Everyone was impressed with the food display and enjoyed  the appetizers  particularly the bacon/apricot wraps and the coconut chicken skewers.  Kudos to you and your staff for a job well done (again!!). – Carol L. Cherry, CARDNO EMERGING MARKETS USA, LTD.

Keula, amazing day!  Thank you sooooooo much!  It was wonderful!  I look forward to working with you again soon.  You are IT!  Happy Holidays, Nancy Senich, Nancy & Rose Associates

Hi Keula, Happy New Year!  I added my comments/reviews online for your company.   The employees enjoyed themselves, loved the décor and the food of course!  Thanks again for all of your help. – Pea Johnson/Saftas

Hello Keula, as usual you and your staff did a great job!! We are very grateful that you helped to make our event a success.  Everyone enjoyed the food especially the crabcakes!! Also the chocolate fountain and the accompaniments were a hit. – Kellee Poindexter/Saftas

Hi Keula – I just wanted to express our thanks to you and your staff for making our holiday party an outstanding success!  We received many compliments and I think it was the best event we’ve done.  Your suggestions, menu, staff, and all around attention to detail and quality food and service made this an easy event for us.  If you could book us for next year’s event, which will be Saturday, December 8th, that would be fantastic.  Just one minor issue – Select Event Rentals is missing a gold tablecloth.  As I was the last man out on Saturday night and there was nothing here, can you check with your staff to see if they might have picked it up?  Again, thanks so much for being “Superb”! – Suzanne Till/The Gates of Mclean

Hello Keula, Happy New Year to you as well. I meant to email you but I went on vacation shortly after the event. Everything was great. All of the feedback that I received from our tenants was very positive. The food was delicious & your staff was professional. Additionally I appreciate your patience when we were finalizing the menu.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  Have a great evening, Johnathan, Lincoln Property

Keula – The barbeque was great  — better yet, so was the cleanup! – Peg Kay/ Washington Academy of Sciences

Hi Keula, Happy New Year! I have been meaning to call you to tell you how much we enjoyed our holiday gathering. Everything was perfect — from the “superb” food to the excellent personal service (we all thoroughly enjoyed Michael) to the beautiful décor. I have already recommended your company to several of my friends. I cannot remember the last time I entertained and actually enjoyed my own party!  I took several pictures that we would like to share via social media. Do you have a facebook page and if so, do you mind if we post the pictures showing the beautiful display?  Again, thank you for the amazing attention to detail and delicious meal. We look forward to many more catered events with Superb Cuisines:) – Regards, Leslie Keenan, Intelligent Office

Hi Keula – Everyone enjoyed the party last night. Wendy and Evan were great and your design touches were perfect.  The hotel has your menu stand here. I guess it got left.  Look forward to our next event. – Darin/Norman Data

Hi, Keula.  Thank you to Susan and her helpers today….the luncheon was setup 10 minutes early and the food was excellent!!!  Nothing but good reviews!!  Thanks. – Jennifer Somnitz Lloyd, ComTech

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the party last night.  Everyone raved about the food, the decorations, and the service.  I gave out several of your business cards to party guests.  Thank you for making us such a beautiful party.  Best, Anissa Hartline Orsino/Troika Entertainment

Hi Keula, everything was fantastic on Saturday! The team and Joe did a great job! They went above and beyond and made the entire party a success and everyone loved the food! I will definitely be calling you again for another event when the time comes. Please tell everyone thank you again for the wonderful job.  Thanks! – Cynthia

Keula, you and your crew did a FANTASTIC job.  Everything was perfectly prepared and presented and my wife cried when she saw the table.  All of the guests asked who the caterer was, so hopefully you will be receiving more business.  Thanks again, Mark Wieland Photography

Hi Keula,  I just wanted to tell you how delicious Thanksgiving dinner was for us.  Thank you for taking ALL of the stress out of our holiday meal.  It was definitely superb!!! Thanks, Jennifer

Thanks for everything. Everyone loved your food and I’m going to send a friend your way for her office party in Xmas  her name is Behnaz Shakoori.  Just wanted to let you know how much we loved our holiday dinner from your company. We’re planning to order again next year.  All was scrumptious! – Arlene Goldman

Hi Keula, just wanted to let your know that the food was excellent and everyone loved it. Thank you very much for your hard work and making our Thanksgivings a peaceful and more enjoyable. – Shyam Dua

Keula, thanks for everything on New years eve.  Food was great and the guests were very happy.  Thanks again and hope to use your services sometime in the future again. – Stefán Gudjohnsen, GlobeScope Inc.

Keula, everything was fantastic! – Mark McMahon, Intelligent Office – Washington, DC and Rockville, MD

Hi Keula, happy New Year to you too! I wish you all the best for 2012.  Everything was great at Christmas, everyone had wonderful time enjoyed the food especially the Turkey, Lamb, broccoli, aubergine and vegetable lasagna dishes. The less popular items were the wild rice and pumpkin desert, so I think we will leave these off the menu next time.  It looks like the Christmas Lunch will be an annual event for us so please put us in your diary for next Christmas. I will also probably have a lunch on my birthday  on July 25th but will call you nearer the time to confirm everything.  Many thanks and best wishes, Janet Ibru

Hi Keula & Charla I want to thank you both for helping Doorways put on an incredible event yesterday.  Our guests had a wonderful time and everything went very smoothly.  Thank you for your support in helping us share the work we do with the community. Thank you, Heather, Doorways for Women and Families

Keula, thanks so much for the wonderful tasting!  …when I got in the car…I cried (because Clairisse & Ryan’s Wedding it is going to be so great! ) – Merilee Paran

Keula, you and your team are exceptional.  Our goal was to provide a “wow” experience to everyone who attended the 15th anniversary cocktail reception and Olise and I believe that has been accomplished!  From the planning stages at the consultation to the timely and seamless execution of the event, you have delivered high-quality service with a wonderful attitude.  You and your team are punctual, precise and just a true pleasure to work with.  I will be adding a testimony to your website by mid next week.  Thank you again to you and your team for bringing this idea to life and for delivering more than we could have imagined!  Have a wonderful day! – Makeda Berhane |InterMedia Survey Institute

Hi Keula, thanks so much for all of your help again. It was a wonderful event and we got so many compliments about you and the exquisite food and décor you provided. Below are photos from the event. If possible, are there any you can send my way from the photos you took? – Samantha Powell-Fanelli Mcclain

Keula, thank you for an awesome Holiday dinner.  I heard nothing but rave reviews and the food and servers were absolutely perfect.  I really appreciate you making me look good.  You did a fantastic job.  Congratulations and I wish you many more successes to come. – Alex Lancaster-Allied Telecom

Tonight Falcon Crest along with JK teamed up on a rooftop happy hour to show a large customer in DC that manages 16 million square feet how construction and moving work together. The part they were surprised about was the fantastic food presentation by Keula and the outstanding arrangements from Janet. In this competitive market having a team like Keula and Janet that can make that type of impression is the most anybody can ask for. Thank you both for making JK and Falcon Crest stand above the rest! – Tim Kerin, Falcon Crest

I just got off the phone with Mike and Thanya and he said “You Rock”.  He loves everything you do for him.  Andrew Effross-Barter Systems-Trade Broker

Hi Keula, we wanted to thank you again for putting on such a beautiful display and providing a nice array of food.   Your staff received many compliments.  Please see the below ‘review’, written by Kellee, and agreed by all.  We will be in touch and will look forward to doing business with you in the future.  My review states – Superb Cuisines gives you that WOW factor from the presentation to the delicious array of food.  While we were slightly hesitant to use them since we found them online, Keula and her team amazed our 300 employees and executives.  I can’t wait to use Superb Cuisines again! – Thanks, Pea Johnson- SAFTAS

Our recent corporate event was our first experience with Superb Cuisines. Keula raised the bar on this annual event and exceeded our expectations.  Our guests raved about the food and décor provided by Keula and her staff.  The staff was friendly and professional. Keula added a personal touch by being visible and mingling with the guests.  Keula and her staff added a level of elegance our company was looking for and it was a pleasure working with her.  Hopefully this event will be the first of many. – Kellee Poindexter, SAFTAS

Keula and Eric:  I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful meal today.   The presentation and taste of the food was “superb”!We will be in touch. – Patricia A. Warren-Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Keula – everything was great!  The food was plentiful and delicious, ready on time, presented beautifully, etc……just what we wanted.  Jennifer and Marcel did a great job and were really helpful in organizing the whole event so we could relax and enjoy our guests.  Overall, a really nice evening.Thanks again so much Keula…. we will definitely call you again next time! – Robert B. Long- PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Keula, everything was fantastic.  We received lots of great feedback.  Superb Cuisines was very helpful and the set-up was beautiful.Thank you so much.  I will definitely keep you in mind for future functions.  We don’t do them regularly but you made a special occasion that much more.  Sue TurnerNIH/NCI/ATC

Keula, thank you very much again for the lovely catered lunch you brought in. You truly impressed us with the presentation and the food… it was delicious!  We’re looking very forward to the event planned next month.  Looking forward to working with you! :-) – Cindy Salazar-Property Management Coordinator | Property Management

Hi Keula, I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job for our lunch at Gladstone today! All the staff were just in awe of the spread and presentation of our lunch! I just wanted to let you know, that I will be bringing home the plates and dishes for Matt to provide to you.  Again, thank you for a beautiful and delicious job! :-) – Malinda L. Ortega, C.P., C.T.I.A.The Gladstone Companies

Extremely impressed.  Food and presentation was excellent.  I told the staff to begin using her this week or at the next earliest Opportunity. – Booker Evans
-Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

“We have used Superb Cuisines Catering by Keula Binelly for many of our VIP events here at the Wizards and plan to continue to use their service in the future.  Both the food quality and presentation highly exceed our expectations.  The professionalism and friendliness of Keula and her entire staff makes working with Superb Cuisines a true pleasure!  –  Laura Bailey, Asst. Director, Special Events, Washington Wizards

Thank you for your hard work. I hope we can continue to work together in the future. Everyone had a great time and raved about the food.  We’ll be in touch.  –  Linda Scott/ U.S. Capitol

“Keula, thank you so much for your wonderful and delicious event last night at the SmartCEO Smart100 kick off reception.  Everyone had so many great things to say about the food and service.  Atlantic Video was especially pleased with your organization and professionalism.  I know you will probably see a few of these companies again down the road. I’m sure you’ll be catering their events before you know it!  –  Samantha Belin (Senior Account Executive) Washington SmartCEO Magazine

“Hi Keula, I want to thank you for being there during our reception. The set up was beautiful. We got so many compliments on the room, and some said, it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to.  Our guests were very pleased with the staff and the buffet. I was very happy with how you and your main server treated me, jimmy, and my family which I thank you for.  Mika

“You and your staff did an outstanding job!  You went above and beyond our expectations.  Me and Melissa couldn’t believe how beautiful the buffet tables looked.  We had no idea they would look so good.  Your staff was on top of every detail.  It took a big burden off of me to see that I didn’t need to worry about anything because you were always two steps ahead of me.  In addition, you did an outstanding job setting up the tables and making everything so beautiful.  My mother said the iced tea was outstanding, and that says a lot because my mother makes great iced tea.  Thanks so much to you and your staff for doing an awesome job!  We will be sure to highly recommend you to others.  Jennifer Ojeda

“Hi Keula, the food was absolutely wonderful for the bridal shower yesterday. All the ladies were so impressed and loved the food. Thank you for making me look so good.  All the best, Fran Gianaris

“Hello Keula, I just want to let you know that your catering service for our meeting dates was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed and the food was spectacular. Your staff were very nice to work with and very timely and look forward to working with you again in the future.Thank you again for your time and your expertise. – Renee A. Butler /Communication Specialist/NRECA

“Keula, it was a pleasure to work with you and your staff.  You made it easy for me. – Quentin Whiteree/ President IDEEA, Inc.

“Hello Keula, everything was wonderful. The food quality was excellent. Lunch and the dessert platter was enjoyed by all. Thanks for the follow up. You will definitely be hearing from us again. Actually we are holding another training on August 18th. We will need your assistance. BTW – Sue did an excellent job!  –  Shobhana Sharma/ General Manager,  Environmental Management Services, Inc

Keula, thank you so much for your service on yesterday. The feedback from the tenants mentioned words like… very impressive, awesome, great, wonderful, best ever, delicious….. Not one negative comment. Tenants were very happy with the quality of food. Everyone that passed my desk today, said thank you for the great party. Hopeful we will do this again. Thank you a million times!!! Stay warm and best wishes this holiday season. – Peggy Proctor(Concierge) Lincoln Property Company

“Dear Keula, everything went quite well.  My guests enjoyed the food, and remarked, in particular, about how good the potatoes, grilled tomatoes, and chicken dish were.   They also loved the flower arrangement.   Your staff was great.  They were very helpful with all aspects of the evening, including setting up, decorating the table, and then taking down the table near the party’s end. – Kurt Jacobs

“Laura, thank you very much for coming by to talk about our move and for bringing such a great lunch.  Everyone raved about the great food, such an improvement from the standard job site lunch. – Will Howell/Clark Construction Group

“You rock sister, thanks a miilion!! – Laura Ware, JK Moving & Storage, Inc

“Keula, once again thank you for everything you did for our retirement celebration. – Syra/ NEA Member Benefits

“Keula, I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fantastic job with the menu for last Friday’s event.    I would like to use you again this Friday and would appreciate any suggestions for a menu that you would like to present. Thanks. – Christina Torres/ HR Admin Asst./ NJVC

“Keula, thanks again for a great event today! So many tenants have been emailing us saying they are thankful and how lovely the spread was and delicious the food was, so thanks again for all your efforts. We do appreciate everything! :o) – Cindy Salazar/ Property Management Coordinator/ Boston Properties

“Superb Cuisines is the best catering company on the planet! Exceptional food, service, professionalism and commitment only begin to describe what you will experience working with Keula and her staff. I have engaged their services twice, my expectations were exceeded in both cases. – Brenda Harrington/Executive Vice President/ Legum & Norman, Inc.”

“Good Afternoon – we used Superb Cuisines today at our re-scheduled Valentine’s event and they did a phenomenal job!!! Their presentation, service and treats were impeccable. We used them for our holiday breakfast at the end of last year and received a multitude of compliments from the tenants.  Based on the service they provide you would assume that their prices would be extremely high, but they are very comparable to many of the companies you use regularly. I don’t typically boast about lobby events but if you haven’t already, I encourage you all to try them. We will be forwarding pictures by the end of the week!  Kudos to them for such a great event! – Kelli R. Smith, RPA| Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company

Keula: Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food…I know we’ve been enjoying the rice and beans over the last several days at home.  I got a lot of favorable comments about the fish, from people who don’t usually eat a lot of fish…so that says something. Thanks so much for your help…I know that Chelsey considered it to be a perfect day, that everything fell into place nicely and we provided a nice evening for all. – Chuck Boteler

“Hey Keula, I just wanted to thank you again for another fabulous event last week. You always do such a great job, and it was a pleasure working with you (as usual!)  I know Brian was very pleased with everything as well. We will work together on other projects in the near future I am sure. – Jacqueline Ducci(President) The Perfect Event LLC

“Keula, thank you SO much for a superb meal and party.  You were so nice to come by yourself to set things up.  I could not believe how beautiful the apartment looked after you gave it your magic touches.  Marcel was wonderful, and the food simply delicious.  Several people asked who the caterer was and I gave them your card, along with my praise.  You made a special occasion very special indeed.  Fyllis loved every little touch, and taste. – Victor

“Hi Keula — I just want to echo everything that Victor said. When I walked in,  I could not believe how beautiful everything looked — and then I couldn’t believe how much food there was. The appetizers alone could have sufficed as dinner. And the food was so beautifully presented, identified and delicious. And Vic said you worked magic with the arrangements, as well. Everyone there was incredibly impressed! – Fyllis

“Hey Keula, everything went great on Saturday!  We had nothing but positive feedback, so thanks for all of your hard work, especially with all the creative Halloween themed food! J Have a happy day! – Laura Bailey( Asst. Director, special events) Washington Wizards

Hi Keula, everything was delicious, your presentation was beautiful and it was a pleasure meeting you today. Best! – Steve Dorfman

“Dear Keula, I finally got taste your food after our meeting.  Don’t ever change anything.  What a delicious, beautifully presented event.  I have already recommended you to others. Next time, bring your business cards for me.After doing what you do for a long time, I am hard to impress so my hat is off to you.  Bravo! – Kaye Welch( Macrogenics)

“Hi Keula, thanks so much for your efforts during our meeting yesterday. Everything was excellent! Warm regards, Suzanne Hardee/Safety Administrator II  ||  PVG-DMC Coordination

“Thank you so much Keula! The day went so well and I got a lot of comments about how great the food was. I brought some of the left over grapes in cheese to work and my friends who attended were so excited :) – Teresa Caponiti

“Susan, Thank you. everything was wonderful.  The food was great and Casio was the best.  He was so helpful and attentive.  Thanks again for making it such aneasy and wonderful experience.  Stacey Phelps-Merrit Club House

“Keula!  And, if I didn’t say it enough, thank you so much for everything.  The food looked and tasted wonderful.  The first thing people said to me was, “The food presentation looks great!”. Thanks again! I’ll be in touch for more events! – Hope A. Effross/ American Marketing Association

“As always, you did a Superb job!! Compliments to the Chef, Chay loved the chicken as well! I could end up doing a ton of business from today’s meeting, and I so appreciate your great food, thank you!! – Laura ware/ JK Moving & Storage

“Hi Keula, I just wanted to let you know I thought you did a fantastic job yesterday:-). Have a great rest of your week. – Gary Weinberg/ The Komlo Group

“Keula, it was great. I had 2-3 guys ask me if we had changed caterers because this year the breakfast was so much better than before. Thanks for your help in making it a success. – Tom

“Our daughter Maria said she asked you for a quote for her April 10 wedding to Mr. Paul Spotts (exciting!).  I’m eager to see your ideas, since we were so happy with what a fantastic job you did for Bert and Carmen wedding reception last year.  – Jeannie Tondo

“Dear Keula – What an amazing success!  Superb Cuisines delivered the best food that The Promenade Towers Annual Pool Party has ever tasted in over twelve years.  Everyone was raving About how great the food was, the gracious service and the choice of dishes.  Letting people pick as many dishes as they wanted went over very well.  No one went home hungry.  We all loved the frozen treats selection.  I was crazy for the Barbeque Beef sandwiches. The Chairman of the Board of Directors came up to me and was talking about having you back next year.I’m sure this triumph will lead to more business from The Promenade and from some residents and guests. Thank you for making our event so enjoyable AND easy. – Mark London, Chairman – Pool and Health Club Committee/ The Promenade

“Hi Sheilagh, thank you for the wonderful catering!  Our guests are still talking about how great everything looked and tasted!  I’m sure we’ll be using your services in the future and sending our clients your way.Thanks again, Stacy Adams/Manager/Nutrition Consultant

“Keula, everything was wonderful. Food was great. The server was very helpful. You helped make my family reunion perfect. Thanks again. – Andi

“Perfect!!! Everyone loved the food. The presentation was magnificent. I am very happy! Thank you so much. – Renee Butler/ NRECA

“Keula, I was very impressed with what you pulled together for us at NRECA.  I’ve passed along your firm’s information and website to a number of people within our organization that are responsible for catering and pulling together large meetings.  As events come up, I’m sure they will give your firm consideration. Thanks. – Adrian Stanton/ Virginia Hospital Center

“Keula, great party Friday nite.  Thanks for everything. – Kristina Bouweiri/Reston Limousine

“Susan, the food was great !!! Superb did a great job on time everything I could ask for!!! I would defiantly use again. – Mike Pinto

“Keula, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the amazing job you did at our Open House. The food was amazing, everything looked wonderful, and the service was unbeatable. Thank you to you and your staff for making me look like a Hero in my companies’ eyes! I am so excited about the amount of cards I gave out of yours, and I hope that you get a ton of business from the event.I am sending out Thank You cards and I intend on mailing your cards with every note.Thanks again, you always go above and beyond the call of duty!!!!!! – Laura Ware/ JK Moving & Storage, Inc.”

“Hi Keula, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing the food for Demi and Judy’s  meeting today with NACCHO.  It made the program launch unique, it put Guernsey in the best possible light and the food, in a word, was fabulous! Everyone in attendance was impressed and many took your card.  – Gordon Thrall VP, Sales & Marketing/ Guernsey Office Products, Inc.”

“Hi Keula, I wanted to thank you for a great tenant event this morning.  We received several compliments and I personally thought the food was excellent.  I am looking forward to tomorrow. That being said, your staff was extremely helpful with cleaning up the lobby very quickly, as we were expecting our big leasing tour.  Kudos to them.  – Jason Diller, RPA/Property Manager | Property Management

“Keula, Thank you for catering breakfast for our group.We hope you will come again. The food was wonderful and the presentation was excellent. Many Thanks! –  Mary Garland, Realtor

“Keula,  thank you very much again for the lovely catered lunch you brought in. You truly impressed us with the presentation and the food… it was delicious! We’re looking very forward to the event planned next month. – Cindy Salazar

“Superb Cuisines has provided The Gates of McLean with outstanding, beautifully presented buffets for our community holiday gatherings.  Unique, specifically tailored menus executed by a professional, responsive and courteous staff has made our annual event memorable, successful and stress free. – Suzanne Till/ General Manager/ The Gates of Mclean

“Extremely impressed.  Food and presentation was excellent.  – Booker Evans, Director of Facilities, Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.”

“Keula, lunch was AWESOME!! Everyone enjoyed it and was very happy with the selection. Thank you again for all your help. – Danita Waker/Conference Assistant, Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, Inc. at NIH

“Keula, everything was great.  Thank you very much.  My only regret was not having more time to enjoy the food.  We received a lot of compliments though. –  Nury S. Marquez/ Executive Director/ Hispanic Committee of Virginia

“Keula, thank you very much for the lovely meal on April 29.  It was greatly enjoyed by all. – Vanessa

“Good Morning Keula,  all went well. The sandwiches were delicious and the spinach and strawberry salad was a hit.  – Carol Bamfo/Procurement Administrator Sourcing Department/BAE Systems

“Hi Keula,  I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job for our lunch at Gladstone today! All the staff were just in awe of the spread and presentation of our lunch! I just wanted to let you know, that I will be bringing home the plates and dishes for Matt to provide to you.  Again, thank you for a beautiful and delicious job! –  Malinda L. Ortega, C.P., C.T.I.A., Corporate Paralegal/ The Gladstone Companies

“Hi Keula, I continue to get high praises and thanks for the breakfast buffet we provided the last couple days at our buildings. We are so thankful to you and your staff for the beautiful presentation and the delicious food and service. We really appreciate all your efforts, and I’d say these events were definitely a success! We hope this provided a good introduction to your business for some of our tenants, and we are looking forward to working with you again soon. Happy Holidays and best wishes to you and your staff. – Cindy Salazar, Property Management Coordinator | Property Management

Good afternoon Keula, The food was awesome and abundant.  The service was spectacular. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness to our late request to start a little earlier than planned.  I will be happy to recommend your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.  I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. – Julia Howard/ Comtech

Keula … A note to let you know how pleased we were with our event last Sunday. Thanks for taking charge and making it very easy for David and I to enjoy the evening! Several folks took your business card and everyone commented on the food and serving. Thanks, again. Marian Celli

Dear Keula… Thank you so much for a lovely wedding, everyone had the best time and enjoyed the food so much. I am sorry that the service was shorter than anticipated, things worked out wonderfully. Our honeymoon was great and our wedding photos are online. I hope that all things are well with you, thank you for such a lovely day. IF you ever need to have customers call me for a reference, please do. Thank you again for a perfect day. BE happy. Lisa Marie Mundy-Seiler

Keula … Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our party. You and your entire staff were fabulous. Every aspect of Superb Cuisine’s execution was excellent, from the taste of the food to the display to the customer service at the event and before. Truly, I have so many things to thank you – for being able to accommodate the extra guests that arrived, by working so well with the folks from the wine service, for leaving your prep area spotless when you left, etc. It was a true pleasure working with you on this event. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Would you please let Eric know that the food was fantastic? My particular favorites were the polenta and the carrot cupcakes (I don’t usually like carrot cake because it’s too sweet and too heavy). Quenten LOVED the Scallop BLT. I truly appreciate all of the efforts you made to ensure the Gates of McLean’s success with our holiday party. I look forward to working with you again. Talk to you soon, Anna

Dear Keula… Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday party. You were everything Andrew Effross promised. The food was GREAT, the service was GREAT! I look forward to a long term business relationship! Kristina Bouweiri, President & CEO, Reston Limousine

Dear Keula,
Thank you very much for a wonderful event last night! The food was phenomenal! It was fun to meet you and we are looking forward to working with you in the future! Warmest Regards, Dana L. Mascali – Director, Member Services & Events, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

Keula … just a note to let you know that I was impressed and delighted with the presentation of the food, the quality, the taste, and the beautiful table layouts you did. In spite of the lack of power, I would have to say that your evening was a tremendous success and I sincerely hope it helps bring you additional business. As you know I will continue to promote your business any where I can. May God bless you. David Benway

Hi… It was fabulous–I’ve just been very busy since too! The shrimp soup was also awesome and Fernando did an excellent job being attentive and then cleaning up rapidly too. Someone from the school (the Dean, Suzanne Nichols) will be contacting you for a quote for an event at the school. Thanks again!! Sue Fitzrgerald

Keula… Thank you so much for your superb catering for my party. The food was wonderful and yummy. I didn’t have to do a thing other than figure out what delicious foods to serve. You made everything so easy and beautiful. The presentation was excellent and your staff was marvelous. Thank you again for making my party a success and I would highly recommend your catering services to anyone planning their next event! It’s a good life, Fran, Remax Metropolitan Realty

Hi Keula, Well Done!!! Thank you for providing such a delicious breakfast spread. Everyone had nothing but good comments to say about the food. I also included your name in my presentation. Thanks Again, Sean Fagan, JK Moving

Keula… We had a fabulous time. Everything was fabulous, even without electricity! I think you’re going to be very busy in the near future. Thanks Again, Tim Cebulski

Hi Keula… Thank you very much for a wonderful time last night at the Kentland Mansion. Your food and your presentation were very impressive. I look forward to promoting Suberb Cuisines both at my office as well as to my clients through my entertainment company By Request Entertainment. Thank you again, I look foward to working with you. Faith & Neil Kaplan

Dear Keula… We had a wonderful time at your event last night. You are the best hostess, it was fantastic. Everyone had a great time, I hope that you did too! Thank you, Bill & Joanne

Greetings: I wanted to take the time to thank you for a simply wonderfull event last nite. Any time that something beyond your control like no electricity and a/c happens and no one seems to care, you need to know you are a hit. Just wanted to let you know that everything was great. My wife and I had a great time. Thanks, Justin Gearhart, Complete Electrical Systems, Inc.

Dear Keula… Thanks again for inviting me and mine to your tasting. We had a great time, loved your food, and will tell everyone wonderful things about you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Warmest regards, Lou Ann Donner

Keula: Thank you for catering breakfast for our group.We hope you will come again. The food was wonderful and the presentation was excellant. Many Thanks! Mary Garland, Realtor

Hi Keula… We met at Martin Posse’s event last Thursday. The food was superb! Dori Castro, Director, Independent Associate

Hi… It was fabulous–I’ve just been very busy since too! The shrimp soup was also awesome and Fernando did an excellent job being attentive and then cleaning up rapidly too. Someone from the school (the Dean, Suzanne Nichols) will be contacting you for a quote for an event at the school. Thanks again!! Sue Fitzrgerald

Hi Keula… I just wanted to let you know I thought you did a fantastic job yesterday :-) Have a great rest of your week. Gary Weinberg, Vice President, The Komlo Group

Congratulations on a wonderful spread for yesterday’s ribbon cutting. I heard multiple comments from people on how delicious the food was; and it most definitely contributed to the overall success of the event. Again, congratulations, and I obviously grabbed your card, and will do my best to get you more business. John Willett, Solutions Executive

Beautiful breakfast spread. Nicely done. Donna Lopez, Home Service Coordinator, Long & Foster Real Estate

Keula… It was such a pleasure to meet you and to be privileged to partake of your fine cuisine! I do want to talk to you sometime soon
Have a wonderful weekend and we will meet again soon… Larry King, Director of Customer Relations- BMW of Sterling

Dear Keula… I had a wonderful time at Kentland Mansion last night. The food was outstanding, as was the location, and I really enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting new ones. You looked stunning and your staff was very professional. In short, did a superb job preparing for and putting on the event. Thank you for inviting me. Warmest regards, Tom Deutsch, Vice President, Business Development

Keula… Thank you so much for inviting me last night. The food was Phenomenal!!!!! I was very impressed as was everyone I spoke w/ or overheard! I know you will get a ton of business from this. If someone else isn’t doing it, I hope you are patting yourself on the back today. I can’t wait to refer you! Have a great day, Jennifer Cohn, Long and Foster

Hi Keula… Everything was delicious, your presentation was beautiful and it was a pleasure meeting you today. Best, Steve Dorfman