Eastern Market at Washington-DC

What can I add that you haven’t already heard?
Eastern Market has something for everybody. The spring and summer breathe life into this market and it enriches the character of the surrounding neighborhood. In the fall the air is crisp and clean as you check out the local goods at the flea market. Winter brings me indoors checking out the fresh fish while I dine on fresh pastries.

Go early to avoid the crowds. Grab a seat, snag a crêpe, slurp down fresh squeezed orangeade and watch the world go by. There is no better place in the D.C. area to practice naturalistic observation of Washingtonians in their habitat.
On Saturdays and Sundays, Eastern Market hosts an open-air food market of farmers and food vendors! Take a stroll down the Farmers’ Line and visitors will find stall after stall of some of the freshest food available in Washington, DC. Much of the produce sold at Eastern Market is grown in rural counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Check out these photos and see for yourself.

Yellow Fresh Peaches

Pesticide free tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Vegetables

Eastern Market at Washington-dc

Street Artist at Eastern Market/Washington-dc Her name is Marlo Collins....such a talent....Love the creativity and all the colors. The man on your right is her husband that is there everyday but Sunday showing and selling her art.


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