Emily & Zac Wedding Reception at Harbor View

I enjoy being a caterer – it’s always a lot of fun and we have a blast everyday meeting great people through our job … catering and helping them to celebrate their most important life events (Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays parties, graduations, baby showers).

This Saturday It was even more special … Superb Cuisines catered Emily & Zac’s wedding reception at Harbor View … they are our youngest couple through all these years in being a caterer in Washington, DC.

I felt so emotional … could not keep the tears … looked at them … their youth, happiness and desire to discover the world together, their genuine love … it made me to travel on the tunnel of the time … they’re so beautiful! I can’t explain it….It seemed that all their 200 guests, friends and family that were there to celebrate this day with them felt the same.

The bride’s Mom Tanya let us know how thankful she was to have us there for her daughter’s big day, and I also got complements from the Groom’s parents that came in person to thank me for everything … letting me know that Tanya had spoke very highly about us. The bride’s Dad came back to us at the end of the day to say how beautiful everything looked!  Everything was just perfect … the weather outside, the gorgeous venue at the river’s edge. What else to ask for? Congratulations Emily & Zac! May you know nothing but joy. From this day forward.

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