Escuela Bolivia 2011 Gala – Celebrating Families – Fathers Matter

I immigrated to the U.S. from Brazil, so I understand the importance of this cause for immigrants that arrive in this country – leaving their loved ones behind and having to start a new life and learn a different culture.

The mission of Education of Escuela Bolivia is to empower Latino children, youth and families through education and leadership development to succeed and contribute to their community while teaching others about the Latin American Culture.

This year they are celebrating fathers who are committed to participating in their children’s education by honoring fathers who participate in their programs. Responsible fatherhood is a key ingredient in the development of children and the health of a community as a whole. In fact, fathers who enjoy a loving, nurturing relationship with their children have important opportunities in influencing the direction children take in their lives. The families, teachers, and volunteers know that young people whose fathers are actively involved in their lives have greater self-confidence, perform better in school, and are better able to avoid risky behaviors.

See the pics below:

Vegetables Crudites

An array of fresh fruit

Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada.

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