Funeral Reception

Almost everyone goes through a difficult loss at some point in their lives.

It is common funeral etiquette in today’s world to have a funeral reception and food has long been part of it. Here the relatives and well wishers gather at the home of the deceased’s immediate family members to pay their respects and offer condolences with regards to their recent loss.

At Superb Cuisines, its our job to take the stress away from the family in these stressful times by preparing a beautiful reception with memorable food.

See the pics below from a funeral reception we recently catered.

Chicken Galantine (Chicken stuffed with Curry Mousseline Sauce)

Goat Cheese Tartlet Provensale
Carpacio Of Aged (Beef Wrapped around a Parma Cheese Crisp with Dijon-Olive dipping Sauce)

International Cheese Display

International Cheese Display

An assortment of Tea Sandwiches

Chocolate Royale Silken Chocolate Mousse on a Nougatine Crust, Resting in a Pool of Raspberry Coulis asnd Crème Anglaised, Decorated with Fresh Berries and Chocolate Bark


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