Graduation Season…

There are plenty of momentous occasions in your child’s journey from birth to adulthood: the first day of kindergarten, a first communion or bar mitzvah, getting her driver’s license, a first date. But for many parents, one of the biggest causes for celebration is their son’s or daughter’s high school graduation.Some 18 years in the making, this most special day officially marks your child’s entrance into the “real” world, whether she’s going on to college, entering the military or buckling down and joining the work force.

if you are the parent of a high school senior it’s time to start thinking about celebrating your student’s graduation from high school. For party-giving lovers this is another opportunity to go nuts and have fun planning graduation themed decorations, favors, centerpieces, menus etc.

If you are overwhelmed and find the idea of throwing together a party stressful – particularly when you hear your friends chatting about the quilts they are making, the displays they are creating, the massive files of videos or photos they are editing for the special day. Don’t despair! Just let Superb Cuisines help you with your party plans so you can only celebrate and enjoy it.

From Buffet or a formal dinner we can help  you with the options of choice for the graduation open house choosing a menu that is student-friendly.

Dessert Table

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