Memories for Life…Have Fun With It!

It’s true, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Every bride has moments when the combination of excitement, anxiety, and of course, pressure descends upon her. There are so many decisions and too many choices.Everyone  in my family has an opinion. Believe me, I’ve been there and hear you! But looking back. I realize how important it is to relish this time. My ceremony and reception were amazing, but I also loved my bridal shower,  taking the engagement pictures at the Falls in Great Falls having our photographer Len Depas leading us, the dress fitting. The journey to the big day is actually as significant as the day itself. To avoid letting stress hasten your stride down the aisle, my advice is to relax and take it step by step. Check off the major things first, like your date, location, and budget and remember  what matters it’s  soon you will be married with the man of your life. So enjoy, have fun with it!

Memories for life. Have Fun With It!


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