Our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Wow…The time flies. I remember the priest telling Scott “son you have your hands full” and he responded “yes sir, I know, bring it on!”  It’s already been 4 years since we got married and it feels like it was yesterday. My heart still beats very fast every time I get to see him and I count the hours until the end of the day to get home just to get to spend a few hours together on our couch till we felt asleep and go to bed recharging and reconnecting to get ready for another day. I am looking forward to the next 50 years by your side baby.

Happy Anniversary!

Tonight we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary with a wonderful dinner experience with a 15 course meal at Komi in DC and by the way no picture of the food is allowed at the restaurant so you must to go there to check it out. It’s an amazing place!

My beautiful flowers that my husband sent me

Getting ready to leave for a date with my husband

Left to right the Chef-Owner of Komi: Johnny Monis, Keula Binelly and Komi's waiter staff

Komi DC

Komi Salty Pineapple Lollipops

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