Referrals Really Work!

I just attended the BNI Nova Networking mixer at Westin Hotel at Tysons Corner Va. A great crowd attended and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to meet new people and put your name out. It’s funny you never know what to expect when you attend this kind events – just listen to this – I was getting ready to leave and I met a gentleman – his name is Steve Gouterman and he is the owner of Nova Gold.  So, my first question (as always) was “what do you do?” – he did the same and I mentioned that I own Superb Cuisines and we do catering he immediately made a connection with someone he knows with a beautiful venue located on the Occuquan River called Harbour View – and according to Steve they’re looking for new vendors.

He provded me with contact information for Lisa Krauss and told me  to mention his name – such a great referral! Why?  Because when I called, Lisa was expecting my call and promptly set up an appointment to us to meet to discuss business opportunities.

Referrals…referrals…referrals…referrals. Because sometimes it isn’t about  what you know but who you know. Got it? :-)

Thanks Steve for the wonderful referral!

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