Packers vs. Redskins game at FedEx Field – Falcon Crest Industries Suite

Are you passionate about football and about our Redskins?

It’s football season!  I’ve become a big fan and when I got the offer, I could not miss this game.

What a great game – and so close!  The Redskins won in overtime! Phew!

I have a secret … just between us. The first time Tim Kerin invited me to be his guest at a game I brought a People magazine to read because I was so bored and could not understand why all those big men were jumping on each other. Not kidding:-)

You all know that originally I am from Brazil and our most popular sport is soccer (our futebol) that is completely different from American football … well now that I have become a “gringa” as Tim says, I have learned not only to enjoy and watch the games but also to have fun  at tailgating!

We got there at 10:30am – two and half hours prior to the game – and of course we brought a grill to cook the delicious Chicken and Beef Kabobs marinated by my husband with a home made sauce  prepared the night before. Can you guess what he made for me?

Chicken heart kabobs …Yummy … I loved it and I had it accompanied with a vinagerette (chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro then mixed in apple cider vinager, olive oil, and lemon juice with my favorite brazilian pepper (Pimenta malagueta) and trooper beans that I made myself.

Then we went to Falcon Crest Industries’ Suite to watch the game and network.  I really enjoy the opportunity to get to know new people.

Superb Cuisines has been supporting Tim Kerin and his network events at his suit at FedEx Field for 3 years now. We have catered client appreciation events, networking events, and more.  It’s a lot of fun … clients and us get to chat and meet former Redskins players, cheerleaders and enjoy of course our Superb Cuisines!  Please see pics below.

Chief Zee- Redskins mascot

The Hoggettes

Redskins think pink! Cheerleaders in pink outfit because breast cancer awareness and education campaign around the National Football league

Players coming out of the tunnel

Singing the National Anthem

Keula Binelly in the center with cheerleaders

Left to right- Keula Binelly, Alexander Ovechkin (Famous Washington Capital Hockey Player) and Mike Green


Left to right- Fred Dean Redskins former player and Keula Binelly

Larry Michael- Redskins radio annouccer

October 2008-Network event

October 2008- Network Event

October 2008-Network event at Falcon Crest Industries Suite

Chef Marcell Bernard in the center with cheerleaders

Left to right Gary Clark Washington Redskins former player and Keula Binelly

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