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NACE – 2012 Gala – Once Upon a Time at Liaison Hotel – Washington, DC

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

NACE 2012 Gala-Once Upon a Time at the Liaison Hotel was a huge success. Congratulations to Kelly Downes, Aisha Malik and all of the Gala Committee Chairs and Members that made this a wonderful event for the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) Washington DC. Their hard work certainly paid off!

Just a fairy tale from the beginning to the end – A Cinderella-inspired, horse-drawn carriage stood at the entrance to the Liaison. “We wanted a wow factor immediately for the guests coming into the building,” said NACE Gala chair Kelly Anne Downes.

Everything was perfectly put together, including all the details, from the décor of the tables, the enchanted Forest theme for a seated dinner, and the food and music.  A fabulous and fun night where a magical time was had by all!

See the pics below of the event, photo credit to Evelyn Alas Photography and Ken Rochon with  The Umbrella Syndicate

Cinderela and Prince Charming dancing on the floor

Keula Binelly with Ray Bialek, Kelly Freeman and NACE's members

OIivia Russell and Ray Benoit with Liaison Hotel

Pumpkin Creme Brulee provided by Superb Cuisines one of the dessert sponsors for the night

Keula Binelly(me) having fun on the dance floor

Keula Binelly(me) dressed in character for the event