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Bermuda Vacation…Great Wedding Destination!

Friday, September 7th, 2012

As much I enjoy my work, it’s always so nice to be able to take some days off for vacation and just enjoy my time and recharge my batteries. The last thing we want in this business its to burn ourselves out, especially after a big wedding season that began in May.  Being in the hospitality industry – no matter what happens you always need to stay motivated and excited.

Bermuda was my destination for vacation this year.  A beautiful island located in a British territory, I loved it!!! That could be awesome for a wedding destination….

Speaking of hospitality, the Bermudians really take it seriously.  They make you feel welcome and at home in their small country of 65,000 people – all with such a nice and friendly attitude that made me never want to leave.

Getting to know the whole island – from one side to the other – in half a day riding a scooter through very narrow roads where all the cars and the Bermuda public pink buses use the left side of the road.  It was a little scary and took a little getting used to:-)

I tried famous Bermuda rum swizzle and of course as much I appreciate and enjoy food I could not be in Bermuda without trying their wonderful cuisine. Oh my gosh –everything was to die for.  See the pics below:

By the way, if you there you must go snorkeling.  We found this company online called Snorkel Bermuda.   We decided to go with them because they had such incredible reviews and we did not go wrong because the owner Sonny made our experience just amazing.  I can’t deny that I was terrified to jump for the first time into such deep water because the last thing I wanted was to become a shark food in Bermuda :-):-):-)

The weather was beautiful, we had our own private beach at the Fairmont Hotel, the water was so nice and clear and the sand was pink.  Just a perfect paradise that definitely I would like to visit again someday.  If you’ve never been there I highly recommend it.

Beautiful view of the Horseshoe Beach

Chicken quesadillas with Guacamole Sauce

Coconut Shrimp with sweet sour sauce

Bermuda Nachos...The best nachos I've ever eaten.

Keula Binelly-myself riding a scooter

Cucumber, tomato steak salad with BBQ dressing


Bermuda gifts and souvenirs

Keula Binelly-Myself at Blu Bar Grill

Fabulous Duck dish at Blu

Prosciutto Bruschetta

Vanilla Bread Pudding

Rum Swizzle...Bermuda famous drink

Vacation in Brazil

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

To achieve a work-life balance we must have activities outside of work, work, work.  Running Superb Cuisines is a lot fun, but it is very demanding as well. I’ve found you have to set aside some time for yourself and your family to keep your priorities in-line and to recharge your batteries.

My 11-year old son is my life outside of work. Nothing gives me more joy and fulfillment than spending time with him.

This summer I went to Brazil (where I grew up) for 10 days and had a great time with my son Kaliel, my mom and lots (and lots) of family. We had a blast exploring Sao Paulo– the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere – going to museums, visiting the zoo, enjoying the beautiful parks, and of course tasting the best of Brazilian Cuisine at the famous Sao Paulo Farmers Market – Mercado Municipal.

Even though I work with food everyday, I’ve never seen so much variety – fruit that you’ve never seen in the U.S., homemade sauces and spices, meats of every possible variety, and more!  Check out the pics below – you’ll be amazed!!!

If you are not hungry yet be ready to be soon :-)

Washington DC Catering

A variety of olives. My husband favorite thing....Not:-)

Washington DC Catering

Variety of Nuts

Washington DC Catering

Regional fruits from all over the country

Washington DC Catering

My son Kaliel posing with a street artist

Washington DC Catering

25 de Marco (Brazil Chinatown)- this place you can find anything you are looking for

Washington DC Catering

Say Cheese......

Washington DC Catering

Sausage and Dried meats

Washington DC Caterer

Dried Cod Fish

Washington DC Caterer

Dried Spices

Washington DC Catering

Pickled Spicy Pepper

Washington DC Catering

Sides of Beef