Superb Cuisines 15 min of Fame

Today we had our 15 min of fame at BNI. BNI (Business Network International).  It’s a world-wide networking group that brings business people together to network, build relationships, and help each other in business by passing referrals.  The members of BNI chapters take this very seriously – it’s a great resource – with BNI you can find any type of service that you need, or that a business partner needs, or a family member – a caterer, realtor, mortgage broker, whatever anyone needs.  At BNI we don’t pass leads – but high quality referrals that result in real business (i.e. $$$).

Any networker looking for sustainable results knows that when you receive quality referrals you must return the favor and send business their way as well to keep the referrals coming.  You get what you give  – its as simple as that.

Superb Cuisines has been fully engaged in BNI for the past 3 years and we are proud to say that we get most of our business from referrals. So why do all of our customers refer us?  Well, here’s why our customer’s tell us they do …

  1. Personal Attention – in the catering business, having great food and presentation is a given. You won’t last a week in this business without it.  At Superb Cuisines we make it personal for every event.
  2. Quality – Every customer is our first priority.  We work with our clients one-on-one to uniquely apply their tastes, needs, and personality to each and every event.  We treat each client differently because they are different.
  3. Exceeding Expectations – We give people more than they expect and strive to autograph our work with excellence.
  4. Teamwork – Coming together, sharing together, working together and succeeding together – that’s our way.
  5. Passion – We are sincere, committed and passionate about what we do.
  6. Integrity – We keep our promises – no exceptions.

Here are some pics …

Washington DC Catering

Keula Binelly- Superb Cuisines Founder/CEO

Superb Cuisines Washington DC Catering

Susan Bierly- IMC Water Cooler and the QUEEN of referrals....Also my mentor in BNI

Superb Cuisines Washington DC Catering

Adam R. Polsky( Peak Settlements, LLC)- The President

Superb Cuisines Washington DC Catering

From left to right- Bill Gerlach(Payroll Services) and Peter Stepanek( Sky Highart Media)

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