Lincoln Property Summer BBQ in Arlington, VA

I think our client’s “love letter” says it all, so I’ll just let them tell you about the event …


Thank you once again for making our event a memorable one. Food was indescribably delicious; Display was simply out of this world (beautiful) your staff very professional and attentive.

Everyone marveled and said how wonderful, this is awesome, this is so nice, this is the kind of food we like, who is responsible for this, “I replied, Lincoln Property”;they said “we know who paid for it, we want to know who the caterer is ?” Superb Cuisine, who else! Tenants where all very pleased; with the great service and food.

You are the best ever… Much success and blessing to you and your staff. Your next stop is the White House!!!

Thank you

Peggy Proctor, Concierge, Lincoln Property Company

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