NYC – Madison Square Garden and Bobby Flay

This weekend my husband and I went to NY for the holiday weekend. It’s always excited to be there … all the lights and shows on Broadway fascinate me. You can never get enough of it.

This time we wanted to try something different and my husband got us tickets to watch the Ivete Sangalo show – a famous Brazilian singer from my home state of Bahia that plays Axe Music – a very popular music in Brazil.  All of you know that I have passion for food – so I can’t go to NY without trying some of the world’s best cuisine.

We got there on Friday afternoon and had reservations for dinner at Mesa GrillFood Network’s Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s restaurant.  My husband and I are regulars watching his shows and were very curious and excited to try the food and check the place out!  I was so disappointed when I was told Bobby wasn’t back there cooking for us :-)

Just between you and me, I was a bit disappointed, starting with the décor and than later with the food.  Bobby Flay specializes in Southwestern cuisine … and we ordered shrimp tamale for appetizers and pork loin and filet mignon for the entrees. It tasted good but not great. I think we both had very high expectations … sorry Bobby Flay …


Keula Binelly- Before Ivete Sangalo Show at Madison Square Garden

Left to right- Preta Gil( famous Brazilian singer and actress) and myself

Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo and Nelly Furtado

Mesa Grill – Food Network’s Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s restaurant

Myself and my husband Scott

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