Madonna Aveni Wedding Reception at FAES

I love my job! One of the reasons is because I never get bored with everything we have going on at Superb Cuisines. Every day new clients, different food and décor, and of course we get to be at new venues and event sites all the time.

This time, we held a wedding reception hosted at FAES (Foundation for advanced Education in the Sciences).

Their mission is fascinating – sharing the knowledge of the most prominent members of the science community in the U.S Educational system.

FAES is a beautiful venue located on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, MD.  An awesome location and just a few miles from DC.  But, what impressed me the most about this place was their venue rental fees – such a reasonable price for a amazing place to hold your wedding reception!  We all know that it’s not cheap to get married in DC.  But getting to know the FAES venue can help!

I get so excited when I discover new things (like FAES) that I want to share with everyone J – ok, back to Madonna’s Wedding reception!

This wedding had a Caribbean Theme – the bride and groom had already said their nuptials on the islands and wanted to bring back the feel of the Caribbean to their reception.  Our chef created a spicy and flavorful menu … check it out below along some pics:

Jamaican Beef Empanadas

Flaky pastry crescents filled with  beef , scallions, peppers and served  with chimichurri sauce  and avocado

Cool Watermelon Gazpacho

Presented in shot glass

Jumbo Mango Grilled Shrimp with Mango Sauce

Jerk Chicken Canapes

Served in  tomato and  spinach phyllo cups

Carribean Deviled Eggs

Miniature of cuban beef tenderloin sandwiches

Thinly sliced aged tenderloin of beef served on sourdough rolls,

Accompanied with red onion mojo sauce, horseradish cream,

and coarse-grained mustard

Jamaican Crab Spread

Crab dip Served in a pitta and toasted points

Bolita Di Keshi

All natural gluten free cheese bread

Shrimp Dominican Pastelitos

Golden breaded turnovers filled with with ground herb seasoned shrimp and coconut milk

Pork kabobs

Served with a carribean fruit sauce


Fried cod fish fritters

Washington DC Wedding Catering

Washington DC Wedding Catering

Mango Shrimp

Washington DC Catering

Jerk Chicken Canapes

Washington DC Wedding catering

Grilled Vegetables

Washington DC Wedding Catering

Washington DC Wedding Catering

Washington DC Wedding Catering

Washington DC Wedding Catering

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