We Will Survive Cancer…Mother’s Day Celebration!

Today We Will Survive Cancer celebrated Mother’s Day with a group of 45 brave women and their families.  Superb Cuisines proudly supported the event and the great cause – providing catering services for their lunch reception held at Dewberry life with cancer family center along with many other generous sponsors. As a woman and mother, it was a honor to be there.  Its an inspiration to anyone to watch these women fighting Cancer like a BOSS.

Every year, thousands of families are devastated when a parent is struck down with cancer. Treatment becomes a totally consuming process, and family members, particularly the children have to adapt to a completely new existence and depending on family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers to assist in day-to-day living.

We Will Survive Cancer is making a tremendous impact on these families lives.  But to do so, they need donations of cash, services, equipment, and specialty items to make life slightly less stressful for both the cancer victims as well as their families.

They know the victims have a better chance of recovering if they know their families are being taken care of, and we all can contribute with it.

See pics below…Photos Credit to R David Chambers Photography

Left to right- We Will Survive Cancer Board of Directors Lisa Spoden, Michael Lilly and Gayela Bynum

Left to right-Lisa Spoden, Keula Binelly, Gloria D'Molina and Maki Lanffranchi

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