Melissa and Ryan Wedding reception at Strong Mansion on Sugar Loaf Mountain

Melissa and Ryan's wedding cakeWe catered for 187 guests at another Superb event from Superb Cuisines!

Another hot day for a wedding, and a little rain to boot, but things ran very smoothly thanks to our Sous Chef Nidia Lahore and rest of the team who worked so hard to make this a special day for Melissa and Ryan.  All the guests had a blast and the bride and groom never stopped dancing!

I have to mention the wedding cake … oh my gosh!!!  This cake was to die for and was created by Angelina Greene – one of the bride’s best friends who made this awesome banana and strawberry cake – Yummy!  But Angelina wasn’t done – she also made a cake for the groom in the shape of a Redskins helmet – mocha chocolate – it was so hard to pick which one I like the best :-)

It was a beautiful outdoor reception, with a view of the mountains.  I can’t tell you how much I love weddings.  I always feel like I’m getting married again myself.  It’s so great to share these special life-time events with our clients as they begin their new life together.

See below a thank you note from the bride’s mom

“You and your staff did an outstanding job!  You went above and beyond our expectations.  Me and Melissa couldn’t believe how beautiful the buffet tables looked.  We had no idea they would look so good.  Your staff was on top of every detail.  It took a big burden off of me to see that I didn’t need to worry about anything because you were always two steps ahead of me.  In addition, you did an outstanding job setting up the tables and making everything so beautiful.  My mother said the iced tea was outstanding, and that says a lot because my mother makes great iced tea.  Thanks so much to you and your staff for doing an awesome job!  We will be sure to highly recommend you to others.” – Jennifer Ojeda

Oops … I forgot to mention that Susan Wodroow, who is part of the Superb Cuisines executive team, was one of the guests, so she had the day off … good for her!

Congratulations Melisa and Ryan and thank you for letting us to be part of your special day!

Strong Mansion at Sugar Loaf Mountain

Nidia Lahore-Our Sous Chef

Buffet Setting

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